MNTB staff attend Outward Bound course with new MEF cadets

Last week Donna Stevens and Fena Boyle went to the Outward Bound centre at Eskdale in the Lake District for the four day induction course designed for the start of training for the new intake of Maritime Educational Foundation (MEF) cadets.  Fena provides strategy support to MEF and has attended a number of courses previously along with Kate Gillespie, the MEF strategy manager, so knew what to expect.  Donna is Company Secretary to the MEF and a self-confessed ‘city girl’ so got a huge shock to the system!

The cadets carried out a number of tasks, including raft building and sailing, rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing and a mountain rescue exercise.  The tasks needed the cadets to work together, communicate and learn to ask questions of themselves, each other and staff in order to complete the tasks.  All of the cadets worked really hard and fully deserved their completion certificates and MEF ties on Friday.


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Donna Stevens

Administration Manager

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