MNTB welcomes Maritime UK code of practice for autonomous vessels

Maritime UK has launched an updated version of the industry Code of Practice for autonomous vessels.

The UK Maritime Autonomous Systems Regulatory Working Group (MASRWG) published the first code of practice to global industry-wide acclaim in November 2017.

The Code has been used by manufacturers, service providers, and others as part of their day-to-day work. Many manufacturers have reported clients requiring compliance with the Code as a basis for contractual negotiations.

The Code of Practice provides guidance for the design, construction, and operation of autonomous maritime systems. Whilst the first version was majorly focused on the design and manufacture of vessels, the updated version adds new guidance on the operation of autonomous vessels, with a particular focus on skills, training and vessel registration. The world of maritime autonomy is developing fast and the Code of Practice has informed and been used by a wide range of companies and organisations around the world.

 Kathryn Neilson, MNTB Director, said:

“We were really encouraged to see the work that Maritime UK presented recently in the form of their Maritime Autonomous Surface ships Code of Practice.

“The MNTB is keen to utilise the work that has been done by Maritime UK to assist us with the review of training standards for our seafarers and to ensure that the training delivered in the UK has the flexibility to encompass future technological advancements.

“The tri-partite nature of MNTB, encompassing employers, unions, and the nautical colleges will enable us to achieve a common accord when it comes to what the industry wants for seafarer training. “

Maritime UK embodies a similar approach based upon consensus and a common action and this recently developed Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) Code of practice, will help us to ensure proper training and agreed stages of progress. To this end, MNTB will convene a working group whose purpose is to map existing training standards against future training needs. This group will comprise representatives of companies, nautical colleges, regulatory bodies including the MCA and government and I would, in the first instance, ask anyone interested in taking part to contact me at the MNTB.