MNTB awards centre recognition to PHILCAMSAT, MNTB’s first overseas maritime training centre to be recognised

Philcamsat achieved the quality mark for the provision of gold standard seafarer training offered at their Training Centre in Manila.  It is evident that all those involved in the delivery of training at PHILCAMSAT are working to ensure all their students receive the best training to become safe and professional seafarers.


PHILCAMSAT’S Head of Business Development, Karen Avelino said;

“Keeping true to its vision to be among the world’s leading institutions in developing Seafarers into industry-ready Global Maritime Professionals, the Philippine Centre for Advanced Simulation and Training, or Philcamsat, has been ceaseless in its pursuit to be internationally recognized by key accrediting bodies that align with its goal in creating the best seafarers for the industry.

MNTB recognition is a testament to Philcamsat’s commitment in attaining the highest level of excellence in Maritime Education, Training, Assessment and Competence Development”.