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Ratings seminar

Monday 10 July 2017

Held at 30 Park Street London SE1 9EQ

Chair: Kevin Slade

Introductory Remarks

 Kevin Slade highlighted the purpose of the seminar –

  • Promote rating training and apprenticeships;
  • Provide up to date information and guidance on the availability, coverage and funding for rating training and apprenticeship programmes;
  • Identify the means to grow the UK ratings workforce and overcome barriers to their employment and training
  • Hear from current rating apprentices about their programmes and progress – and of course, to
  • Celebrate the achievements and 40th anniversary of the JW Slater Fund

New rating training and funding: Apprenticeships vs experienced route

 Mark Burgess spoke about

  • The development of apprenticeship standards
  • The training opportunities that were currently available
  • The funds that were deigned to support employers in training their workforce
  • Details about the apprenticeship Levy

 The J W Slater memorial fund       

 David Slater spoke about

 The evolution of the Slater fund to a charitable concern

  • The increased take-up of funds for rating to officer conversion
  • The provision of funds for relevant research and charities
  • The total of £5.5m provided over the past 40 years for career development

 Rating to Officer training and funding – Carla Rockson

 Carla Rockson explained

 History of Marine Society administering Slater funds

  • Rules for receipt of money
  • Some of the barriers that Slater scholars faced
  • Services offered by the Marine Society in terms of advice and guidance

Slater success story

Slater scholars Kevin Walsh and Kevin Lennon spoke about:

 Ambitions to achieve OOW

  • The good advice given by the Slater Fund
  • The difficulties that could arise
  • Support from college and other institutions
  • Getting prepared for the theoretical background

The View from the DfT

Rod Paterson covered

  • Progress of Trailblazer standards
  • Opportunities for the use of Levy funds in tandem with Tonnage tax
  • Reviewing the application of the National Minimum Wage to seafarers working in UK waters.
  • The commitment to improving employment practices
  • Protecting UK jobs and UK companies operating in UK waters that pay fair rates to their seafarers.

For more information about apprenticeships contact:

Mark Burgess

Training Development Manager

020 7417 2823