Mark Burgess blogs about his first week as our new Training Development Manager

First weeks are easy because everyone is nice and wants you to do well. First weeks are hard because you can’t see the wood for the trees and it is not apparent that they are trees at all.

My first week at the MNTB has been characterised by a flurry of introductions as well as the recognition of deadlines and emerging workloads, soon to turn to something more concrete and (one hopes) successful.

My name is Mark Burgess and I am the new Training Development Manager, replacing Ibrahim Ismail who has helped immeasurably with a thoughtful and systematic handover. Again such a handover might be an occasion when bafflement is the order of the day but Ibrahim mixed hard facts with wise words as well as the assurance that I could always get in touch and such assurances are always going to leave one feeling motivated and confident.

I come from a training and apprenticeship background along with programme management.  I will be working on the development of new Trailblazer standards as well as supporting employers in their take-up of apprenticeships. There have been some profound changes to training standards in recent times both in terms of the structure of qualifications and the funding regime under which they operate. As is always the case, the latter is causing some confusion, particularly the detail and operation of the apprenticeship levy that comes into play as of April this year.  I have therefore begun my time here, among other things, by getting in contact with certain employers who would like to train more of their own seafarers but are not sure where to begin.

I am aware of the added responsibility that comes with the development of new standards of training, lives as well as livelihoods depend upon their strength and efficacy.

For more information about apprenticeships contact:

Mark Burgess

Training Development Manager

020 7417 2823