MNTB Annual Programme Review

The Annual Programme Review Seminar provides the MNTB with a platform to showcase the work they have been doing throughout the previous year on officer cadet programmes and allows companies and colleges to discuss any issues arising in depth.

Officer Trainees are vocal when it comes to their training and how it can best work for them and on this occasion they were no different. Officer Trainees from a number of nautical colleges around the UK were asked to highlight the issues they face with the current Training Record Book (TRB), the feasibility and practicalities of developing an electronic TRB and the value of a cadet induction booklet should one be produced for candidates before enrolling onto a cadetship. The Officer Trainees were able to discuss their varied experiences of the TRB and have agreed to work with MNTB, as part of small focus groups at each of the colleges, to amend the TRB to best suit their needs. This will include more guidance on how to complete the TRB and will strengthen bonds between Officer Trainees and the MNTB.

Kevin Slade, Chairman of MNTB, presented an update of the Training 2025 strategy and described the variety of projects the MNTB are involved with including: Ratings Task Force, Trailblazer, LNG as a fuel, Maritime Careers Promotion Forum, the development of Chartered Status and the Training Berths review. The last Training Berths meeting produced a questionnaire that will be made available to all members in due course.

Glenys Jackson, Head of MNTB, provided useful information about the proposed new seafarer training standards and how they will allow colleges to be more flexible in the way they conduct their officer cadet training. These new standards were the focus of the group discussion, along with topics including whether the industry is ready training in the use of LNG as a fuel, Electronic Training Record  Books and the practicalities of producing one, the benefits of Chartered Status for seafarers and how can the MNTB can further meet the needs of industry.

It was felt by the groups, after lively discussion, that the MNTB should ensure the proposed training standards are as flexible and clear as possible, the current Training Records Books are updated and that the idea of Chartered Status should not be exclusive to master mariners but should allow mariners in all ranks to develop and have that progression recognised.