MNTB Attends the Professional Yachting Association (PYA) 2016 GUEST Awareness Day

On 17 November, the Professional Yachting Association (PYA) held it’s annual 2016 GUEST Awareness day at the Miele headquarters in Holland. The MNTB’s Training Development Manager, Ibrahim Ismail, attended to gain a hands on insight into superyacht training programmes and a deeper understanding into the skills sets and knowledge needed for such roles. This is especially timely as the Maritime Trailblazer Group, represented by the MNTB, recently submitted a new expression of interest to the Department for Education (DfE) for an Onboard Services apprenticeship standard. The standard is intended to include an option that will cover roles on superyachts.

The Meile headquarters provided an interesting backdrop for the day which commenced with  welcome and refreshments. The initial training session consisted of a customer service and etiquette session. This session raised interesting differences the superyacht sector has with other areas of the Maritime sector. The second session took place in Miele’s well equipped household appliance department and covered material care and laundering activities as well as demonstrations of modern technology used aboard superyachts.

The third and final session consisted of food and beverage requirements onboard yachts. Lunch was served in the dining area where delegates were asked to identify badly prepared tables as well attempting to lay a table!

It was a thoroughly informative and enjoyable day at which a number of key points and issues raised will certainly be valuable in taking apprenticeships training further.


For more information about apprenticeships contact:

Ibrahim Ismail

Training Development Manager

020 7417 2823