Master Mariner Chartered Becomes a Reality

This week saw the eagerly-awaited launch of Chartered Master Mariner status by the Honourable Company of Master Mariners (HCMM).  It brings national and international recognition and added value to seafarers who have achieved the highest level certification, places them firmly within and at parity with all chartered professions – including marine engineers, and ensures the shipping industry has the professional status and standing it deserves in the eyes of the public and across academia.

The Honourable Company has worked hard over the last two years to bring this important work to fruition, with the UK Chamber of Shipping and the Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB) fully supporting and guiding the devleopment of this professional status.

With the granting of the Royal Charter by the Privy Council, the HCMM has partnered with The Nautical Institute and IMarEST to make chartership a reality. The first year of operation will provide a pilot period to fully test the rigorous and exacting process to achieve Chartered Master Mariner (CMMar) status.

A Registration Authority has been set up to oversee the process and provide the final test for granting CMMar through a professional interview supported by evidence of the Applicant’s standing, work and achievements within the industry after having gained Master’s certification.

The UK Chamber of Shipping, MNTB, RFA, NI and IMarEST are all represented with the HCMM on the Registration Authority.

For more information contact:

Glenys Jackson

Head of MNTB

020 7417 2876