MNTB is hosting an event alongside Mersey Maritime whose purpose is to consider the future of UK seafarers. “Re-thinking the Ratings” will consider a number of challenges and opportunities, including the recruitment of more women into the maritime sector as well as the skills and aptitudes required to advance the cause of modern shipping. The event will take place in Liverpool on 13 September at the Town Hall and will run from 1100 – 1500. This will be followed by the press launch of the Women in Maritime Charter.

Delegates will be invited to consider the following:

  1. Current challenges of recruiting ratings and possible solutions
  2. How we can attract more companies to take on more ratings
  3. Developing a clearer career path for ratings

There is no charge for attendance and the event will feature a mix of panel discussion, Q&A and short presentations.

If you are interested in attending please contact Mark Burgess